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The City That Woke Up Floating

I came up with the idea for this yesterday when I was walking home from town and realised I wasn’t actually too sure what was underneath the pavements. What do you think lives under your city?

One morning the municipal residents
Awoke to find their city floating.
They blinked their eyes
And dipped their toes past the curbside
To check for safe crossing
And to test the water.
They found that it was warm.

The national news teams arrived
To find that the city was floating.
Held up by little boxes of air
Some vandals or anarchists had put there
To raise the city above
And keep it from sinking.
The streets are safer at night.

That lunchtime the boys and girls lay down
On the pavements of the floating city.
They swayed like hammocks with the tide
And the synchronised steps of the commuters
Who ran to fish in the roads
And beat the sudden heat.
The city was anchored to a harbour.


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