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Dream a Little Dream

I didn’t sleep last night and I’m feeling very, very tired by now! So I thought I’d share my own little dream land with you all. What do you like to dream about?

Out of the empty air
Was summoned patchwork stairs
And two castles
One an abandoned townhouse
And one real horrorshow
With trapdoors and trapped spirits
An evil master
And a pregnant witch
Heavy with devilspawn
On a great mare.

Between them were rolling grasslands
Inhabited by snakes
With homely faces
And pretty pasture creatures
Each blade of grass has at least
Three shades of green
And sapphire soil
There are concrete bunkers here too.

After that comes the motorway
On a pebble bridge
At the end is a marina
Harboured there is the greatest
Yellow and red ship ever seen
It’s a children’s funhouse
It’s got a bouncy castle car park.

Under the pebble bridge and
Away from the waterfall
There’s a cobbled town
(Cobbled floors and walls and roofs)
With four amphitheatre steps
And a treasure trove shop
Under an archway that goes in circles
(Cobbled of course)
Behind that there’s a pale green park
With marble gargoyles.

Up front is a multi-colour swirly
Ice-cream and sweetie shop.
Always full of faces
And warm bodies
Behind that is Longford tarmac road.

Then I summon the patchwork stair.


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