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6 In Cuts


The inspiration…

The above image inspired me to do a similar anagram, only with one of my favorite poems – William Ernest Henley’s Invictus. Though I did end up with a fair amount of leftover t’s and f’s (next time, I’ll try a shorter one, phew!) I hope you enjoy!

I chose a namesake
From an author whos
Poetic flair and artisan
Reimagining that
Quelled my night:time
And heralded the white sun.
Mapping my own selfish verse
Upon a cumulation of
Some offbeat persons years,
I conclude,
A lesson learnt.

Our minds will end up
Beat, bloody, tired.
Understand that
Courting such a waifish
Chancy creature as we see
Holed central to you
Or we me
The end,
The absolution.

The hot hook
Got me bold,
Myth TV my love,
The hot hot coal.

Feather my bed of ardor.


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